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Gluck's Il Parnaso Confuso This Sunday at 8 PM

This week on the Lyric Stage an opera written to celebrate a wedding which is all about writing an opera to celebrate a wedding.

It's January of 1865 in Vienna. The Archduke Joseph is planning to marry, and as a surprise gift, Christoph Gluck agrees to write an opera for the occasion. The result was the one act Il Parnaso Confuso, Confusion on Parnasus or Parnassus in Turmoil. The entire court watched as the Archbishop's younger brother, Prince Leopold conducted the performance which features four soprano roles, all of which were taken by four daughters from the Archduke's first marriage, the Archduchesses Maria Amalia, Maria Elisabeth, Maria Carolina, and Maria Josepha. Their youngest sister looked on - perhaps not as talented as her older sisters, perhaps too young to participate. We know her as Marie Antoinette.

This Sunday (7/31) on The Lyric Stage we feature Il Parnaso Confuso on the Lyric Stage. Melpomene is sung by soprano Julianne Baird, Apollo by soprano Danielle Munsell Howard, Euterpe by soprano Mary Ellen Callahan, and Erato by countertenor Marshall Coid. Rudolph Palmer conducts the New York Ensemble and The Queen's Chamber Orchestra.