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Arias by four great singers from early in their careers - Mario del Monaco, Mirella Freni, Luciano Pavarotti and Maria Callas.

These four singers perform the music of Puccini, Meyerbeer, Donizetti and Verdi this Sunday (10/8 at 8 pm) on The Lyric Stage.

Mario del Monaco sings arias from Manon Lescaut, L'African by Merybeyer, and from Andrea Chenier by Giordano. the first two recorded in 1948 and the last in 1951, singing with a subtlety and freshness that some critics think went away in in later years.

Mirella Freni sings Mimi under her early mentor Herbert von Karajan, a role she sang often in her career.

Pavarotti sings Edgardo from Lucia, a frequent role from early in his career but one he sang not at all as time went on.

And Maria Callas has both stunning voice and conviction in a studio recording of La Traviata at age 30, and as Isolde at age 26.