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Happy 2024! Your financial support helps us bring you our great musical programming year-round.

WWFM 35th Anniversary Donor Appreciation Gala

As part of its ongoing 35th Anniversary celebration, WWFM recently invited its top donors and underwriters to a special Donor Appreciation evening, held at the Hopewell Valley Golf and Country Club on November 11, 2017. The event included short performances by some of our guest artists and program hosts, including pianist Clipper Erickson, Joe Horowitz and Angel Gil-Ordonez (PostClassical), David Dubal (The Piano Matters), Rob Kapilow (What Makes it Great?) and Jed Distler (Between the Keys/JazzOn2's Piano Excursions). We also would like to thank Mercer County Community College President Jianping Wang for her remarks, and the college's support of WWFM.

Remember that the wonderful exclusive programs produced at The Classical Network are possible only because of the support our listeners and underwriters. If you are interested in underwriting one of our programs, contact David Osenberg or Alice Weiss for details. And you can become a member anytime with any size donation.