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The Lost Chord: July 26 - Best at Verse

Jul 23, 2020

During his time with the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation (1937-1944), Lars-Erik Larsson provided music for everything from cantatas to radio plays to brief vignettes to accompany the recitation of poetry.  Material from these projects would frequently find its way into the composer’s concert works, including “Hours of the Day” (the source of his famous “Pastoral Suite”) and “God in Disguise.”  Enjoy these poetic suites with bucolic settings, this Sunday at 10 pm. 

For this week’s episode of the ASCAP Deems Taylor Virgil Thomson Award winning program Between the Keys, the Classical Network’s Artist-in-Residence Jed Distler presents a program devoted to the new, the old and the unexpected.

Selections include works by Bach, Brahms, Scriabin, Debussy and contemporary composers Bruce Lazarus, Laura Kaminsky and David Sanford.

Tune in to Between the Keys every Tuesday at 10:00 PM, only here on The Classical Network and WWFM.org

Half Past: July 19

Jul 19, 2020

Host Gabriel Crouch wraps up the second part of his exploration of Wynton Marsalis' "Abyssianian Mass." Listen Sunday (7/19) at 2 pm.

This week’s Dress Circle (7/19 8:00 p.m.) is beginning one hour later because of the length of the Sunday Opera and will feature a program remembering the talents of Dolores Gray through her stage, screen, and recording careers.   We’ve planned songs from her Broadway appearances in “Two on the Aisle” and “Destry Rides Again” as well as her West End appearances in “Annie Get Your Gun,” a Cole Porter Gala, and Sondheim’s “Follies.”  Samples of her film work will come from “Kismet,” where she played the vivacious Lalume and “It’s Always Fair Weather” and her appearance as the wonderfully unctuous Madeline Bradville who hosts the smarmy “human interest” TV show “Midnight with Madeline.”  

Picture Perfect - July 17: Picaresque Adventures

Jul 16, 2020

Picaresque novels are generally characterized by having rogues or anti-heroes as protagonists, episodic, wayward structures, and, not infrequently, low humor.  Prepare to revel in some freewheeling lack of judgment, with music from “The Reivers” (John Williams), “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” (Jerome Moross), “Anthony Adverse” (Erich Wolfgang Korngold), and “Tom Jones” (John Addison).  We’re up to no good, this Friday at 6 pm.

For this week’s episode of the ASCAP Deems Taylor Virgil Thomson Award winning program Between the Keys the Classical Network’s Artist-in-Residence Jed Distler demonstrates slow cooking.

Half Past: July 12

Jul 12, 2020

Host Gabriel Crouch hosts the first in a two-week examination of Wynton Marsalis' Abyssinian Mass. Listen Sunday (7/12) at 2 pm.

We’re once again celebrating musicals from the York Theatre Company catalogue on this week’s Dress Circle (7/12 7:00 p.m.) with four of their varied productions.  The company has been in existence since 1969, and since 1997 has mostly dedicated itself to musicals, many of them world or American premiers which is an extremely laudable (and daring) thing to do, but their intimate 161 seat theatre is consistently filled.  

A Gershwin Roundtable: Porgy and Bess, American in Paris, Cuban Overture
What if white baritones began singing Porgy?
Join PostClassical hosts Joseph Horowitz, Maestro Angel Gil-Ordonez and Bill McGlaughlin and their guests:
Bass-baritone Kevin Deas
Tenor George Shirley
Mark Clague, head of the Gershwin Initiative at the University of Michigan
Conrad L. Osborne, author of Opera as Opera

The Arabian Nights, traditional folk stories from the Orient, have come down to us filtered through the sensibilities of Western translators.  Further translation was required to get the stories from page to screen, so it’s hardly surprising to find Sinbad, for instance, fighting a giant walrus.  Tune in for an hour of movie enchantments, with music from “The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad” (Bernard Herrmann), “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger” (Roy Budd), “Aladdin” (Alan Menken), and “The Thief of Bagdad” (Miklós Rózsa).  Discover an Aladdin’s Cave of cinematic delights, this Friday at 6 pm.

The Lost Chord: July 12 - Hochschule Musical

Jul 9, 2020

The loose collective known as “The Frankfurt Gang” came together in 1890s, as students at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt-am-Main. Its members included Balfour Gardiner, Roger Quilter, Norman O’Neill, Cyril Scott, and the youngest of the bunch, the piano prodigy Percy Grainger.  This brilliant array of talent bonded in a foreign land, united by a shared language and culture, but also a determination to break away from Teutonic dominance in music, with the goal of creating a fresh “English” art.  Frankfurt alumni aim for the high notes, this Sunday at 10 pm.

A Between the Keys Double Header on July 7th

Jul 7, 2020

Baseball may have been in limbo during the lockdown, yet we’ve got a veritable “double header” for this week’s episode of the ASCAP Deems Taylor Virgil Thomson Award winning program Between the Keys.

“I’ve been wanting to devote an entire program to a couple of large-scale and utterly disparate works for piano and orchestra,” says Jed Distler, the Classical Network’s Artist-in-Residence and the writer, producer and host of Between the Keys.  “So I came up with a wild pairing that probably hasn’t been done before.”

Half Past: July 5

Jul 5, 2020

Sounds Choral this week features the recording of Paul Moravec's "Sanctuary Road," adapted from the writings of William Still, a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Listen Sunday (7/5) at 2 pm.

Since this week’s Dress Circle (7/5 7:00 p.m.) is on the 4th of July weekend, we thought we’d delve into a bit of “calendar art” with our impressions of the holiday.  We sat down and thought about all of the things we felt were part of the celebrations, and then, we turned to the musicals to find songs to represent those ideas.  So, join us for songs from a variety of shows like “Do Re Mi,” “All American,” “Teddy and Alice,” “1776,” “Wish You Were Here,” “The Whitehouse Cantata” (“1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”), and “Miss Liberty.”  

Maestro Stern has compiled a program from Iris Orchestra archive performances of American music to celebrate the 4th of July weekend. The broadcast features music of Arthur Foote, Samuel Barber, a rare version for Solo Trumpet & Orchestra of George Gershwin's evergreen Rhapsody in Blue, Trenton's own Georg Antheil and a violin Concerto 'Orchid in Fog' by the young American composer Adam Schoenberg. He composed the work for the soloist heard in this performance, Anne Akikio Meyers.

Picture Perfect: July 3 - Independence Day

Jul 2, 2020

COVID may have robbed us of a “Picture Perfect” tenth anniversary celebration.  Luckily, there’s something else to make noise about!  On the eve of Independence Day, drown your disappointment in an hour of cinematic fifes and drums, including selections from “The Patriot” (John Williams), “George Washington Slept Here” (Adolph Deutsch), “Revolution” (John Corigliano) and “Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot” (Bernard Herrmann).  Yankee Doodle goes to town, this Friday at 6 pm.

The Lost Chord: July 5 - Balanced Czechs

Jul 2, 2020

Neoclassicism in music was a reaction against the garish and gooey excesses of late Romanticism. Contemporary composers, in search of a new lucidity, turned their attention to the 18th century, filtering its lessons through a distinctly 20th century prism.  Stravinsky was the master, but neoclassicism swept the musical world.  Tune in for three cheery examples from Czechoslovakia, by Ilja Hurnik, Iša Krejči, and Bohuslav Martinu.  Czech it out, this Sunday at 10 pm.

On this week’s episode of the ASCAP Deems Taylor Virgil Thomson Award winning program Between the Keys, the Classical Network’s Artist-in-Residence Jed Distler explores Schumann’s popular piano cycle Kinderszenen Op. 15 in comparative performances for all of its thirteen movements.