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The ACO Experience Returns this Monday at 9 pm - Music from SONiC Festivals


This month's ACO Experience concert broadcast (Monday at 9 pm) features works by Bruno Mantovani (Chamber Concerto No. 2), Andreia Pinto-Correia​ (Elegia a Al-Mu'tamid), Mohammed Fairouz​ (Wind Quintet [1.March]), Mehmet Ali-Sanlikol (Harabat [The Intoxicated]) and Saad Haddad (Manarah).

The ACO Experience is a monthly concert broadcast of performances by the American Composers Orchestra, guest artists and ensembles participating in ACO concert and the ACO 2011 and 2015 SONiC (Sounds of a New Century) Festivals featuring music by composers age 40 and under. Diane Guvenis is your host for this concert broadcast.