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The Sunday Opera: Alexander von Zemlinsky's "Der Traumgorge"


This week’s Sunday Opera (12/17  3:00 p.m.) is one of understanding, love, and compassion in Alexander von Zemlinsky’s “Der Traumgorge” which follows Gorge who loses his love Grete because of the fairytale world in which he lives.  He travels to find his idealized fairytale princess only to find another, Gertraud, who lives in pain, poverty, and loneliness, being accused of witchcraft and arson.  As he comes to understand Gertraud, and through his own poverty, Gorge finds meaning in his life.  David Kuebler is Gorge, and the three women in his life, Gertraud, Grete, and the Princess are Patricia Racette,  Iride Martinez, and Susan Anthony.  James Conlon is the conductor.  After “Der Traumgorge,” Michael Kownacky will be presenting more music of Zemlinsky with Die Seejungfrau (The Mermaid) and his Symphony No. 1 in D minor.