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Piano around the world on Between the Keys September 21 & 22

“I really get inspired putting this program together when I mix and match piano music of many genres and styles,” says Jed Distler, who is The Classical Network’s Artist-in-Residence and the creator, producer and host of the ASCAP Deems Taylor Virgil Thomson Award winning weekly program Between the Keys.

Indeed, this week’s episode runs the gamut from Schubert to Rachmaninov, from Louise Farrenc to Luiz Costa, from Roque Cordero to Garreth Farr, and from Mendelssohn to Bill Evans and Clara Schumann.

“I’m also happy to be showcasing pianists whom I either know personally or have enjoyed lengthy correspondence over the past few years, especially during the lockdowns,” Distler says. Among these include Inna Faliks, Henry Wong Doe, Artur Pereira, Vittorio Forte and Joanne Polk. “I feel it’s important to draw attention to artists that may not be household words, yet whose artistic excellence and world-class musicianship deserve the widest possible recognition.”

Tune in to Between the Keys on Tuesday night September 21st at 10, with a rebroadcast Wednesday September 22nd at noon, exclusively on The Classical Network and