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The Dress Circle: Celebrating "Backwards Day"


Just for fun, this week’s Dress Circle (1/28  7:00 p.m.) will be celebrating “Backward’s Day” a few days early.  Every January 31st, Backwards Day gives people the chance to reverse their ways, to go back to a simpler way of life, just to have a wonderful time eating dinner for breakfast, wearing their clothes backwards, talking backwards, or even just saying goodbye when they meet someone. 

To that end, we’ll be looking “back” with songs like “We Said We’d Never Look Back” from “Salad Days,” “Hold Back the Night” from “Metropolis,” “I’m Going Back” from “Bells Are Ringing,” and “Goin’ Back” from “Shout!” among others.  Join us for an hour of songs that go back, take back, fall back, look back, and just about everything else “back” you can imagine in honor of Backwards Day.  Thank you again for being a part of The Dress Circle Family.