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Between the Keys February 27th/Starring Sarah Cahill

California-based pianist, writer and radio host Sarah Cahill is Jed Distler's guest this week on Between the Keys. Cahill is a leading exponent of early 20th century American maverick composers such as Ruth Crawford, Lou Harrison, Henry Cowell, Leo Ornstein, Marc Blitzstein and many others, while focusing energy on important creative figures today like John Adams, Terry Riley and Philip Glass.

"I've known and admired Sarah for years," Distler says, "and, in fact, I've been a guest on her Bay Area radio programs. And Sarah is a wonderful guest, in turn! She shares valuable insights into working with composers, and to hear how she pursues original sources for artistic illumination and clarification is simply inspiring."

Join Jed Distler and Sarah Cahill for music and conversation on Between the Keys, Tuesday February 27th at 10 PM.