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IRIS Wired: 'Powerful Visions'

The IRIS Orchestra performs a program entitled "Powerful Vision" on this Friday's IRIS Wired (5/11) at 8 pm.

The concert features music spanning 300 years, from French Baroque composer Jean-Fery Rebel's Les Elemens depicting the formation and basic matter of earth, water, fire and air, to Paul Hindemith's ballet Nobilissima Visione inspired by frescoes of the Gothic master Giotti. Also on the program - Beethoven's Leonore Overture No. 1.

The IRIS Orchestra, based in Germantown, Tennessee, is led by its founding conductor and Artistic Director Michael Stern, son of the legendary violinist, and is made up of preeminent musicians from across the country. Listen to this exclusive radio broadcast, with your host David Osenberg, Friday at 8 pm.

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