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"Falla and Flamenco" on Three-Hour PostClassical Friday Night at 8 pm

The new season of PostClassical returns with an expanded, three-hour program exploring the search for Spanish identity through music. "Falla and Flamenco" features PostClassical Ensemble conducted by Angel Gil-Ordonez. Spanish pianist Pedro Carbone joins Gil-Ordonez and co-hosts Bill McGlaughlin (host of Exploring Music) and author, music historian and PostClassical co-founder Joseph Horowitz. The first two hours focus on Manuel de Falla, with an expanded third hour devoted to Isaac Albeniz.

Listening Guide:


00:00: Flamenco as a source for Spanish cultural identity

7:30: “Austerity” as the “essence” of Spanish music, distinguishing it from the French “Spanish” style.

10:48: Falla’s El Amor Brujo (excerpts) with PCE and flamenco cantaora Esperanza Fernandez

21:20: Commentary on Falla’s Nights in the Gardens of Spain and “the birth of Spanish music”

26:32: Falla’s Nights in the Gardens of Spain, movement one, with Pedro Carbone and PCE

44:45: Commentary on Nights, movements 2 and 3

49:44: Nights, movements 2 and 3, with Pedro Carbone and PCE

1:03:00: “The first Spanish tune”



00:00: Falla’s Fantasia Betica and the “quest for authenticity”

12:41: Fantasia Betica, performed by Pedro Carbone

27:24: Artur Rubinstein and the Fantasia Betica

33:44: Falla and the challenge of modernism; cf Ives, Elgar, Sibelius; the Falla keyboard concerto as the “encapsulation of the history of Spanish music”

35:41: Discussion of the Falla concerto, movement 2 as a religious epiphany

38:59: Falla concerto, movement 2, performed by Pedro Carbone and PCE

49:50: Spanish religious austerity: Tomas Luis de Victoria: Caligaverunt oculi mei conducted by Angel Gil-Ordonez

55:40: “De los alamos vengo madre” and the Falla concerto

56:40: Falla concerto, movement 1, performed by the composer

1:01:53: Falla concerto, movement 1, performed by Pedro Carbone and PCE

1:07:53: Soler and the Falla concerto

1:10:50: Falla concerto, movement 3, performed by Pedro Carbone and PCE

Part 2


4:24: “Triana” by Abeniz, transcribed/performed by Enrique Arbos

15:26: “Triana” performed by Pedro Carbone

25:46: Francisco Franco as “the elephant in the room”

32:07: “Rondena” by Albeniz, performed by Pedro Carbone

Part 3