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A 1920s Grab Bag on Between the Keys: May 7th

On this week’s edition of the ASCAP Deems Taylor Virgil Thomson Award winning program Between the Keys, host and producer Jed Distler (who is the Classical Network’s Artist-in-Residence) presents a “1920s Grab Bag”

“Musically speaking, the 1920s brought forth an extraordinary melting pot of stylistic clashes, innovation, experimentation and pure, unalloyed energy” says Distler. “Since no single episode can begin to do the musical 1920s justice, I’m simply pulling composers out of the air, from Duke Ellington and James P. Johnson to Ravel, Copland and Ruth Crawford, and more in between. We’ll even get a taste of James Joyce reading from Finnegans Wake, and you can’t get more musical than that!”

Listen to Between the Keys, sponsered by Jacobs Music Company, this Tuesday night at 10, exclusively on The Classical Network and