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Between the Keys Binges on Scarlatti: May 28

Christmas in May? “Well, why not,” says The Classical Network’s Artist-in-Residence Jed Distler.

Each Christmas season, Jed usually offers an all-Scarlatti episode on his ASCAP Deems Taylor/Virgil Thomson Award winning program Between the Keys. However, this week, Jed decided to indulge in a Scarlatti binge many months in advance, breaking with tradition.

“It just kind of happened, “ Jed explains. “I was playing some Scarlatti on the piano, then I pulled down a CD with some Scarlatti sonatas, and started listening. And then I pulled down other discs with Scarlatti, and before I knew it my programmer instinct took over, and an entire Scarlatti episode rose up before me, like Vesuvius! In any event, Scarlatti is perfect for every season, so why not a Scarlatti show for this last Tuesday in May? Of course we'll have one in December, too."

Featured pianists will include Anthony di Bonaventura, Sergei Babayan, Myra Hess, Vladimir Horowitz, Luke Welch, Carlo Grante, Natan Brand, Pietro Scarpini, Sonia Rubinsky, Yevgeny Sudbin and Benjamin Grosvenor.

Tune in Tuesday May 28 at 10 PM for Between the Keys, a program proudly sponsored by Jacobs Music Company, and an exclusive production of The Classical Network and