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The Dress Circle: Ghoulies and Ghosties for Halloween

The idea of a “ghost light” in the theatre is shrouded in mystery as to its origins and purposes, but on this week’s Dress Circle (10/31 7:00 p.m.) we’re going to be visited by some the Ghoulies and Ghosties for Halloween that can be found in a variety of musicals.  We’re summoning up some spirits, all of whom are quite pleasant, from shows such as “Meet Me in St. Louis,” "Which Witch," “High Spirits,” “The Addams Family,” “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” “Zombie Prom,” "Bat Boy," and “Toxic Avenger” as well as a few films such as “Casper” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  Ghost lights may have started back in the time of the gas lit theatres to make sure that the gas pressure was kept low in order to avoid an explosion, and in the days of electricity, they’re placed near the center of the stage to give people a chance to safely find lighting panels in order to turn on the work lights.  On the superstition side, and let’s face it, there’s a great deal of superstition in the theatre, it’s thought that they might be there to appease the theatre ghosts and give them some light in which they can perform or, conversely, to ward off spirits who might curse a production.  

We’re hoping to appease the spirits of the airwaves with this program that’s all in good fun, so please join us for an hour, kick back, grab the kids’ candy, and enjoy. 

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Michael is program host and host of the WWFM Sunday Opera, Sundays at 3 pm, and co-host of The Dress Circle, Sundays at 7 pm.
Ted Otten is co-host of The Dress Circle