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Catherine Savage: What Are You Listening To?

Catherine Savage with daughters Lindsey (left), and Karenna (right).
Catherine Savage with daughters Lindsey (left), and Karenna (right).

Once a month, we ask our listeners to tell us what music they listen to. We've been introduced to an eclectic mix of classical music, '80s disco and alternative rock. But if you're a mother of young children, you may not have as much musical freedom. The songs you listen to are, inescapably, the songs your kids are listening to.

Catherine Savage is one of those moms, living in Lake Zurich, Illinois. She says her own musical explorations have been put on hold by the demands of keeping up with the ever-changing favorite songs of her two daughters. Even with "adult" music dropped from the family's rotation, however, Savage says she manages to unearth and appreciate some gems from the world of children's music.

To introduce and discuss her selections, Catherine Savage joins us along with her two children, Karenna and Lindsay.

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