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A Tempo: Supporting Diversity, Inclusion in Early Music

Diversity and inclusion have become important themes in the classical music world, as orchestras and other classical performing arts institutions explore how to better foster diversity, from the staff to the audiences. Early Music America recently announced its own initiative to examine these issues in the more specialized field of medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and classical performance organizations, and A Tempo this Saturday (11/16 at 7 pm) takes a look at its goals. Host Rachel Katz will speak with Patricia Ann Neely, chair of EMA's taskforce, who also plays viola da gamba with Abendmusik.

Patricia Ann Neely is chair of EMA's taskforce on equity, diversity and inclusion.
John Blanke, a black trumpeter who became the royal trumpeter to Henry VII and Henry VIII, is just one example of musicians of color in the Renaissance or Baroque eras. (From the Westminster Tournament Roll, 1511, College of Arms London)

Rachel Katz is the host of A Tempo which airs Saturdays at 7 pm.