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A Tempo: Opera World (Virtual) Stages Set for 2021

As opera companies roll out 2021 programming, many of the productions were totally conceived of and created in the era of Covid-19, with its restrictions on live performances and the shift to screens and devices. A Tempo this Saturday (1/9 at 7 pm) looks at some upcoming events at Opera Philadelphia and Prototype 2021 Festival. Host Rachel Katz will speak with Opera Philadelphia General Director David Devan about its upcoming showing of Lee Hoiby's Bon Appetit, starring Jamie Barton as Julia Child, which is also serving as a fundraiser and runs Jan. 8 - 15, as well as Soldier Songs and Tyshawn Sorey's new work Save the Boys, and with Prototype Festival co-directors Jecca Barry and Kristin Marting about its productions, which include the choose-your-own-path Modulation and three works receiving their U.S. digital premieres from overseas artists. Prototype runs Jan. 8 - 16.

Rachel Katz is the host of A Tempo which airs Saturdays at 7 pm.