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John Stetch on Piano Jazz

John Stetch.
John Stetch.

Pianist John Stetch hails from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. His first musical instrument was the clarinet - a hand-me-down from his father who also taught his son the fundamentals. There was also a piano in the house, and though Stetch would eventually switch from clarinet, to alto sax and finally to tenor sax, the piano was always there - a place for musical experimentation and self-discovery.

John continued his official musical studies on the tenor saxophone and he completed a year of classical music studies on that instrument. At age 18, Stetch decided that he wanted to switch his focus to the piano. It was an uncommon move and one not encouraged by his teachers, but Stetch was able to make great strides on his new instrument of choice. The switch in instruments led to a switch in schools; Stetch moved to Montreal to attend McGill University. While there, he began exploring the city's jazz scene. In 1992, fresh from a bachelor's degree in music, John released his first album, Rectangle Man. Also that year, Stetch made the move to New York and began gigging around town as a sideman and with his own groups.

Nineteen ninety-three saw the release of Stetch's second album as a leader, Carpathian Blues. Three trio albums followed. In 2002 Stetch began exploring solo piano and his Ukranian roots on the critically acclaimed Ukranianism. In 2003, Stetch took his shot at classic jazz fair on Standards, followed by 2004's Exponentially Monk. His most recent release, Bruxin' is a return to the trio format.

Originally recorded July 19, 2006.

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