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The Year In Jazz, From WDUQ

Jazz in 2009 is as vibrant and alive as ever. Many younger artists are making a strong case to be the future of the genre — and the future looks bright. All but three musicians on this list are under the age of 40, two are in their 40s and one is in his early 70s. But 70 is the new 30, right?

The best jazz albums of the year share similar qualities, even though they're wholly different. All display stellar technique and refreshing original compositions (or standout re-workings of standards), and all brush aside any notion of jazz being in a rut.

In order, here are the best jazz albums of 2009.

Shaunna Morrison Machosky is the Music Director at WDUQ. Click here for more entries in our Best Music of 2009 series.

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Shaunna Morrison Machosky