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Eddie Gomez On Piano Jazz

Marian McPartland and Eddie Gomez in 1993.
R.J. Capak
Piano Jazz Archives
Marian McPartland and Eddie Gomez in 1993.

A two-time Grammy winner, bassist Eddie Gomez has been on the cutting edge of music for more than four decades. He has held down rhythm sections and set the groove for some of the heavyweights of jazz — from Bill Evans to Miles Davis to Chick Corea.

Gomez's masterful touch and sense of swing shine through whether he's grooving in the background or bringing the bass up front, as he does on an improvised solo in this 1993 Piano Jazz session. Then he and host Marian McPartland dazzle with performances including "My Foolish Heart" and "All of You."

Originally broadcast in the spring of 1993.


  • "Sometime Ago" (Mihanovich)
  • "How Deep Is The Ocean?" (Berlin)
  • "Blues In The Closet" (Pettiford)
  • "Imagination" (Van Heusen, Burke)
  • "Untitled" (Gomez)
  • "My Foolish Heart" (Washington, Young)
  • "Free Piece" (McPartland, Gomez)
  • "All Of You" (Porter)
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