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Eugenie Jones


The connection between travel and the discovery and broadening of one’s artistic voice is a consistent theme in the jazz continuum: Louis Armstrong goes up the Mississippi River from New Orleans to Chicago; Charlie Parker goes east from Kansas City to New York; Ornette Coleman moves from Fort Worth to California; and Ray Charles relocates from Florida to Seattle.

The places and spaces the award-winning vocalist/composer/lyricist Eugenie Jones has traveled in the eight years she’s been on the jazz scene cover a wide range of landscapes and longings, from her humble beginnings in West Virginia, to her move to Seattle where—through inspiration and an inexhaustible work ethic—she transformed herself into a jazz vocalist of impeccable taste, with a respect for the jazz tradition and the courage to try something new. Her first two recordings, Black Lace Blue Tears (2013) and Come Out Swingin’ (2015), both feature these attributes.