On a Positive Note: Seaport Museum Connects People Through Chanteys

May 28, 2020

Jonathan Boulware, President and CEO of the South Street Seaport Museum, participates in an online Chantey Sing from the roof of the museum.

Sea chanteys and group singing have been part of the history of the South Street Seaport Museum for decades, and with all of us confined to our quarters, so to speak, the museum has brought the experience online. The now monthly event takes place on Zoom, where anyone can sign up to lead a song, sing-along, or simply sit back and enjoy the cameraderie. To add to the atmosphere, the museum has even provided some photos of its tallship Wavertree and black and white images of sailors you can use as your Zoom virtual background. The museum is also holding some other online events, including a webinar this Saturday afternoon on celestial navigation. Captain Jonathan Boulware, President and CEO of the museum, discusses the Chantey Sing, which will next be held June 7, and the museum's other online programs.