A Tempo: The Orchestra Now Explores New Musical Directions

Aug 23, 2018

A Tempo this Saturday (8/25) follows up on The Orchestra Now (TON), a Masters program launched at Bard College three years ago to train orchestral musicians, encourage them to explore new and overlooked repertoire, and enable them to blaze their own trails in the music world by creating new and innovative ensembles and education programs. Host Rachel Katz interviews Bard President Leon Botstein, who spearheaded the project and serves as TON's music director, as well as several of the orchestra's participants - Violinist Leonardo Pineda, flutist Matt Ross and oboist Regina Brady, as well as Andrés Rivas, TON"s assistant conductor. Tune in Saturday at 7 pm.

Leon Botstein conducts The Orchestra Now.
Credit Photo by David DeNee