The Piano Matters with David Dubal

Wednesdays at 10 pm, Sundays at noon

The Piano Matters  compares recordings of great piano works performed by various artists past and present, analyzing and explaining differing approaches to the music.  Each show will also include several “encores” drawn from the rich repertoire of piano music penned by composers such as Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky and Schumann, among others.

The Piano Matters is recorded at Kaufman Music Center in New York City, home of Merkin Concert Hall, Lucy Moses School, Special Music School (P.S. 859) and Face the Music.

Ways to Connect

On Monday December 16th from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, The Classical Network will feature "Beethoven Matters,"  a birthday celebration marking Ludwig van Beethoven's birthday, in anticipation of the composer's 250th anniversary year in 2020.