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This week on Between the Keys, we explore how classical and jazz worlds have influenced each other for more than a century, with works by Gottschalk, Schulhoff, Hindemith, Thelonious Monk, Kurt Weill, Milton Babbitt and George Gershwin.

"I won’t say too much about the selections, but I will tease the fact that the program ends with Rhapsody in Blue," says host Jed Distler, who is The Classical Network's Artist in Residence. "I've chosen a performance that is quite unusual, recorded by East German musicians for an East German label in 1968, when the Iron Curtain was ever present. Perhaps it's not the most idiomatic, yet the intensity, commitment and sheer joy that these musicians bring to the score speak volumes, and they are obviously playing for keeps."

Join Jed DIstler Tuesday night at ten for Between the Keys, with a rebroadcast Wednesday at noon, exclusively on The Classical Network and

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Jed Distler is Artist-in-Residence for The Classical Network and program host of Between the Keys, Tuesdays at 10 pm.