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Picture Perfect: February 25 - Concertos in the Movies

The craze for the romantic movie concerto can be traced at least as far back as Moonlight Sonata (1936), starring none other than Ignacy Jan Paderewski, but surely it achieved its delirious apotheosis with the bestselling Warsaw Concerto from Dangerous Moonlight (1941). We’ll hear five more, including three for piano: the Cornish Rhapsody from Love Story (1944) by Hubert Bath; Symphonie Moderne from Four Wives (1939) by Max Steiner; and the Concerto Macabre from Hangover Square (1945) by Bernard Herrmann; also the Cello Concerto in C from Deception (1946) by Erich Wolfgang Korngold and the Carmen Fantasy for violin and orchestra from Humoresque (1946) by Franz Waxman. Enjoy these concerted efforts for the silver screen, this Saturday at 6 pm.

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