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Highlights from Leo Delibes' exotic Lakme this week on The Lyric Stage.

This Sunday (10/15 at 8 pm) on the Lyric Stage we have highlights from Leo Delibe’s opera Lakme, with Mady Masple as Lakme and Alain Lombard conducting the Opera Comique Orchestra of Paris.

Lakme premiered in Paris in 1883. The scene is India, and the story concerns the love between Princess Lakme and Gerald, an English officer. Lakme’s father does not approve, and stabs Gerald. But Lakme and her friend Hadju rescue him and nurse him back to health.

Lakme and Gerald declare their love for each other. Lakme goes to get some magic water that will seal their love. While she is away Gerald's superior finds Gerald and orders him back to his regiment. Lakme returns and finds that Gerald wants to go back to his regiment after all. She eats a poisonous flower rather than be dishonored.


Mike Harrah is host of The Lyric Stage, which airs Sundays at 8 pm.