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The Lyric Stage August 22 - Donizetti's neglected one act "Elvida"

The one act Elvida is one of Gaetano Donizetti's long neglected operas. He  wrote seventy or so operas, and if some of them were not neglected, we would hear almost nothing but Donizetti's operas. Some critics think that his early Elvida has earned its obscurity. According to one, for example, its often light music does not match the dark plot of the heroine held hostage, thrown into a dungeon, and saved from being murdered at the last minute possible.

But Opera Rara disagreed. They are the English company whose mission is to rescue deserving works from the 19th century and to give them high quality presentations that leave nothing lacking. Their recording of Elvida is no exception, and has been lauded as a gem by other critics glad to have it as a new addition to Donizetti's many recorded operas. 

Join us Sunday night August 22 at 8PM for this performance, which features mezzo soprano Jennifer Larmore, tenor Bruce Ford, and the London Philaharmonic Orchestra conducted by Antonello Allemandi.