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Distant Mirror: May 5 - Secular Music of Alfonso the Wise

Nearly all  early music enthusiasts are familiar with the Cantigas of Santa Maria from the court of Alfonso the Wise, those delightful 13th century pieces describing the miraculous intervention of the VIrgin in healing all kinds of human ailments and misfortunes. But did you know that a collection of secular music may have existed as well at Alfonso's court?  The Dufay Collective has done exhaustive research on instruments of the day and the secular styles then in vogue and  has put together music that very well might have been heard at the court.  And on Friday night's Distant  Mirror (5/5) you can hear several selections from their CD Music for Alfonso the Wise.  Also on  the program a suite by Anthony Holborne; The Willow Song from Shakespeare's Othello; and a pavan and galliard for harpsichord by William Byrd.