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Benjamin Grosvenor Visits Between the Keys February 18th

27-year-old Benjamin Grosvenor is considered to be one of the greatest pianists of his generation, or any other generation, for that matter. Ever since emerging in his teens as a prodigy mature beyond his years, Grosvenor continues to evolve artistically, as he builds a legacy of recordings that often achieve reference status, such as his Chopin Scherzos and Ravel’s Gaspard de la nuit, and a new release encompassing both Chopin Concertos.

This week, Grosvenor will be the featured guest on Episode 243 of the ASCAP Deems Taylor Virgil Thomson Award winning program Between the Keys, hosted by The Classical Network’s Artist-in-Residence, composer/pianist Jed Distler. “Benjamin was an absolute delight to interview,” says Distler. “He’s warm, affable, unassuming, yet completely comfortable with his high place in the pianistic firmament, and passionate about a wide range of music. Long after our official conversation ended, we kept on talking shop and sharing repertoire ideas. No wonder all of my pianist friends adore Benjamin, personally and artistically."

Tune in to Between the Keys this Tuesday at 10:00 PM  only here on The Classical Network and