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In a Broadway Minute Reviews 'Bandstand' Stream


The 2017 Broadway musical Bandstand is about a group of soldiers just home from World War II and a woman whose husband died on the battlefield. The show streams through the July 4th weekend and Theater Critic Howard Shapiro reviews it this week on In a Broadway Minute, Friday (7/2) at 8 am and Saturday (7/3) at 10 am.

<--break->Photo: The ensemble of the 2017 Broadway show "Bandstand," streaming on the Web over the holiday weekend, dances the Tony-award winning choreography of Andy Blankenbeuhler. He had already won Tonys for choreographing "In the Heights" and "Hamilton." (Photo by Jeremy Daniel)

Howard Shapiro is host of In A Broadway Minute, which airs Fridays at 8 am and Saturdays at 10 am.