The Dress Circle: They're Doin' Choreography (Dances from Stage and Screen)

Aug 12, 2018

Put on your dancing shoes!  No, Julian Marsh is not doing a show; they’re doin’ choreography on this week’s Dress Circle (8/12 7:00 p.m.)  There was a time when just about every show included a ballet or extended dance scenes, and we’ll be sampling some of them this week.  Some of those dances include the “Sadie Hawkins’ Day Ballet” from “Li’l Abner,” the “Halloween Interlude” Dance from “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” the “Twins Ballet” from “The Boys from Syracuse,” and from “Make a Wish,” “The Sale Ballet.”  

We’ll also hear dance music from “Fiddler on the Roof” and “The Rink” as well as dances from the films “The Pirate” and “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.”  Do you have “two left feet”?  Don’t worry. Everybody can dance in the Dress Circle!