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Newark Schools' Pre-K Ballet Classes Offer Children New Skills, Future Opportunities

Aspiring dancers in Newark's B4K Ballet Program demonstrate what they've learned in their first presentation.

A Tempo this Saturday (12/10 at 7 pm) visits the new Pre-K ballet class launched this year by Newark, NJ's public schools district.

The public school district in Newark, NJ, recently launched a ballet class for Pre-K students, the first in its planned "B4K" programs that will introduce children to the arts and sports, hopefully cultivating interests they may want to pursue as they continue through their school experience.

The ballet program with about a dozen students was held at Newark's Arts High School and taught by School Principal Devonne DeNose, with assistance from five of the school's senior dance majors. A Tempo host Rachel Katz attended the students' final presentation, where the budding ballerinas showed off the poses and dance steps they had learned. This week's episode features interviews with DeNose, Schools Superintendent Roger León, dance senior major Kiyomie Warsaw, and several of the ballet students and their parents.