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The Dress Circle: For the Birds...


This week’s Dress Circle (7/26 7:00 p.m.) is for the birds - literally.  We’ve got feathered friends of all shapes and sizes including some that are allegorical, a few metaphorical, and one or two mystical birds as well including a bluebird, an eagle, a meadowlark, a green finch, and a linnet.  We also have omen birds, wild birds, songbirds, little jazz birds, and early birdies.  Some of the shows we’ll be sampling include “The Spitfire Grill,” “Fosse,” “Anything Goes,” “Bloomer Girl,” “Notre Dame de Paris,” “Marie Christine,” and “Magdalena” to name a few.  

Sadly, we won’t have a dodo as there was only one song about a dodo (the leading lady's last name) from a long forgotten 1927 musical called “Kiss Me!” by Cortelyou and Wulff, and for some reason, we don't have a cast recording...